Antique Equities Buying Services

30 Years Experience!


We have..

Done Television Appearances for Antiques and Collectables!

Been Keynote Speakers at many Seminars on Long Island!

Been Guest Speakers on the Joan Hamburg Radio Show!

Taught Appraisal Studies at N.Y.U. and Sterns Colleges!


What we do

                    We are Buyers of Antiques and Collectables. When you call us, we set up an appointment at either your house or our place of business in Lynbrook, NY and review the items that you wish to sell.

                    We are prepared to make purchases during this appointment and we assume that you are ready to sell.


When we come to you

                     If we come to you we arrive with a van and packing materials. We pay fair prices on the spot and efficiently pack and remove our purchases.


If you come to us

                     If you bring items to us, we help you bring them into our premises, where we will unpack and review them and pay you on the spot.

Purchases made at our place of business are by

Appointment Only

Please Call

516 596 0340